Tatine Kashmir Votive Candle


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Inspired by the sexy Led Zeppelin riff, Kashmir is a fragrant unisex blend of ethically harvested sandalwood oil, white incense, and dry woody amber oil. Gunpowder and saffron tea notes anchor creamy, soft orientalist spices. Drops of exquisite magnolia flower, vanillin and musk rest in the base to create a powdery haze. Total aphrodisiac. Crank it…


Natural Wax Candle in Smoke Grey Mouth Blown Glassware
Not a trace of petroleum-derived paraffin is used in our wax formulation.
Composed of an exquisite blend of bespoke perfume oils and essential oils, which are phthalate-free and crafted with cotton wicking.
Poured into artisan mouth-blown glassware exclusive to Tatine, crafted to be drink safe. Gently hand wash or place the glass in the dishwasher for use at your next celebration and let it live uniquely on.


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