Micro Derma Roller


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Here is more DIY microneedling goodness for home maintenance. Lustre is stocking the Micro Derma Roller with 64 high-tensile silicone + gold-plated titanium needles, this tiny little tool really amps up that at-home skin irrigation. Here’s how it works: With more than 3x the microneedles as the stamp—and a roller design to keep things movin’ + groovin’—this bad boy creates tiny “traumas” that tell your skin to regenerate + produce all that glorious collagen. So if your profile is showing signs of dryness, clogged pores or crow’s feet, or you want to address some old acne scars, the roller is a great option for you. Plus, this baby boasts a larger glass ampule (10ml) for maximum absorption of you liquid serum. We suggest pairing the Glo Skin Beauty Daily Hydration. The results? Renewed, moisturized, lifted-looking skin that gets noticed.


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